Email: This is an Oldie but Goodie, $ 40,000 Funeral

Henry died.

His will provided $40,000 for an elaborate funeral.

As the last guests departed the affair, his wife Janis turned to her oldest and dearest friend.

‘Well, I’m sure Henry would be pleased,’ she said..

‘I’m sure you’re right,’ replied Brenda , who lowered her voice and leaned in closer.

‘How much did this really cost?’

‘All of it,’ said Janis .. ‘Forty thousand.’

‘No way,’ Brenda exclaimed! ‘I mean, it was very nice, but $40,000?’

Janis answered, ‘The funeral was $6,500. I donated $500 to the church. The whiskey, wine and snacks were another $500.. The rest went for the Memorial Stone.’

Brenda computed quickly. ‘$32,500 for a Memorial Stone?

How big is it?’

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We are posting some cool email that has been forwarded to us.  We are doing this to share some really interesting, cool, funny, clever stuff with our audience.  In many cases the origin of these materials is unknown and not available.  We are posting it, so folks who have not received it as a forward in their email can enjoy some of this amazing/humorous material.  If you are the source of one of these articles and you want it taken down, contact us and we will do so.  In the same token if you are the source and would like to leave it up here and would like be credited, let us know and we will do so.

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