Help Kids! It Only Takes a Few Clicks to Make a Huge Difference! is an art project started by Teacher Ruth of the TOT DROP Preschools (  1000s of people all over the world submit photos of Smiley Faces they find in everyday objects. For over a year Spontaneous Smiley has donated $1 to Operation Smile for every Smiley uploaded. Teacher Ruth, several other Smiley contributors (called Smiley Captains) and dentists have funded the $1 donation.  So far, has funded 24 FREE surgeries for children with facial deformities!!

Last year Rheem Elementary in Moraga, CA hosted a Smile-a-Thon through Like a Walk-a-Thon, but the students got pledges by the SMILE instead of by the MILE. The students uploaded Smileys enough to pay for 5 children to have surgery! Contact to learn more.

Spontaneous Smiley has been nominated to win $10,000 for OPERATION SMILE. The winner is determined by ONLINE VOTING. Please click and scroll to nearly the bottom of the page to: Most Successful Fundraiser by individual or group. You’ll see the Spontaneous Smiley logo and the name Ruth Kaiser. Click there and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click SUBMIT. They ask you to fill out an info page.  Please do, so your vote counts.  Then you can unsubscribe later.

What would winning $10,000 mean?  41 more children who now struggle to speak, will talk with ease (and laugh, sing, whistle)! 41 children who now struggle to eat, can have a world of new foods to taste and enjoy (and be picky eaters not because they can’t eat but because they’re  kids)! 41 children who now hide, can proudly join their community (and finally go to school)! Mommies and Daddies whose hearts have been very sad for a very long time, will feel a gratitude for the generosity of Operation Smile, AND YOU, that cannot be put into words.

It only takes a minute, but it forever changes lives.


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