Halloween is a Time for Decorations, Costumes and Fun!

Many people, where I live, are decorating their homes and yards in an effort to be ready for Halloween! Halloween is cool! People love it and approach it with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Halloween has a little bit of everything included in it, so it is a hard holiday to not like.  There are scary things, costumes, candy and decorations.  You can make your own of any of these things if you are creative or buy them if you are short on time.

Kids love the holiday as do adults and there are parties for young and old.  People walk around neighborhoods in costumes both parents and kids, going door to door, ringing the door bells and shouting “Trick or Treat” or “Anything for Halloween” – this is followed by “What do you say?” – which is followed by “Thank you!”  You can’t beat this holiday for fun and community!

So, like I said earlier: Halloween is cool! Enjoy it and be safe, watch out for yourselves, your kids and your neighbors and be sure to have fun!

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