Running for a Cause: Kidney Disease Awareness and A Marathon Run to Make a Big Difference

Ah yes, running fundraising season is here! I try to do different fundraisers over the years, some I am connected to on a personal level, some I am not.  But I’m running all 26.2 miles of the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov. 21 this year specifically to raise funds and awareness about kidney disease, and specifically about being a living kidney donor.  There is not a sponsored group of runners for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) at the marathon, so the Allentown Kidney Walk, part of the NKF, has allowed me to use their pre-set Web site to raise funds in my race instead.  It is also a personal challenge, finishing 5 previous marathons (2 walking, 3 running), and this will be my first marathon with one kidney (bathroom breaks during the race may be interesting!).

My personal donation page is:, where you can learn more about specifically why I am running a marathon to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation, and how you can help even if you cannot donate.  I urge you to read my page just for the knowledge of kidney disease and how you can help in so many ways.  And anyone or any business who donates at least $250 can have their logo placed on my race day shirt.  Additionally, anyone (donating or not) who would like the name of a loved one, living with or deceased due to kidney disease, just give me their name as you’d like it and it will appear somewhere on me on race day (“real estate” on me may be limited, so there may be a white visor or other running item used for names if I need more room).

Thank you no matter what you decide to do; I am only presenting this as a donation and learning opportunity for you, and a challenge for myself.  Also, this year the Allentown Kidney Walk was cancelled at the last minute by the City of Allentown due to flooding conditions on the Parkway from heavy rains, so they were short about $60,000 of their yearly goal.  They are counting on me and this unique challenge to help them shrink their loss this year.


Eileen is a spiritually generous woman who is passionate about life and the causes she finds in it.  One of her causes is kidney disease, she herself is a living donor.  So in addition to talking she is doing!  And, she continues to do through volunteering and running for this important cause.  Please consider donating if you can and read her page to learn more about this cause!  We are proud to call Eileen a friend at – and the world is better because of Eileen’s determination and dedication to her causes!

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