Holiday Gift-Giving: Think Elegant, Fun, and Thrifty

Rethinking the Dollar Stores is a wonderful way to enhance your Holiday gift giving—purchase the basics of packaging and add stylish accents inexpensively at your local Dollar Stores.

Start by getting your basic supplies, and remember, at the Dollar Store you don’t have to ask how much things cost—It’s a dollar.

For the best selection, start early. Many more people are shopping there than you would think.

These cute containers at 5 and ½” tall not including the top design and 2 “ wide.   You get four of the same design in one package—for a dollar.  Fill them with candy, nuts in or out of the shell, your favorite fudge or brownie recipe.  Use them as well for the wrapping the smallest gifts.  I’ve seen them in four designs.  The other design, not shown, is topped with a Christmas tree.  Now, that’s only 25cents for each box.  No other wrapping needed.

Add one of those cactus in the tiniest of pots or your favorite spiced nuts.  Sit one at every place setting at the table and your guests will ooh and aah over them.

bags as wrapping

The Dollar Store also has colorful round tins of red and green and a warm orange color.  Some with horizontal stripes. Blue tins with snowflakes and ample enough to fill with cookies and candies as a gift to give or keep!

This and other stockings—for, guess $1.00—comes from the Dollar Store.


At $1.00 a piece—A Stocking for you, the neighbor, the dog, the cat, the hamster, the ferret, the fish.  14” from top to heel and 7 and1/2”across the middle.  Satin fabric with embroidery and sequins.  A nice variety to choose from, but better hurry.  Personalize it with TULIP (brand)  Dimensional Fabric Paint Glitter (available at Michael’s, AC Moore or other craft stores)

The Dollar Store —Your Place for Package Wrapping Supplies

Boxes: (holiday printed or white)

1- 48 X 12 X4 box = $1.00

3 pack 14.75 X 9.5 boxes = $1.00

3 pack: shirt boxes 18 X 12 = $1.00

4 pack: 8 X 11 boxes = $1.00

Tissue papers: 30 sheets (20 x 20 in. ea   metallic (13.9 sq feet. 5 sheets at 20X20 in.) 30-50 sheets bright colors, white, metallic.

Shredded papers for packaging: red, white, purple, brown.

Scissors and Tape

Wrapping Paper: large variety of 10 and 15 Square feet rolls= $1.00 each

Ribbons & Bows-large variety of sizes, colors, fabrics and wired= $1.00 each

Gift Tags: 48 pieces, 40 pieces, 12 pieces= $1.00 each

While you’re there:

Holiday Music CDs—choice of 5 different Holiday Music: Jazz, Rockabilly, Soul, Saxophone and Tropical. Each $1.00.  There are even little buttons to push so you can get a preview of the sound of each CD—and  it’s FREE to listen!

Use your imagination as how you might use some of the other packaging options they have.  A package of 6 ornaments for $1.00 –use one as a decoration on 6 different packages.

Santa probably stops there to purchase some treats:

Those marshmallowy treats PEEPS—a package of snow men—a package of holiday trees—you guessed it –$1.00 each.

A 3.5 oz. Holiday decorated box of Life Saver gummies-a dollar.

Of course, there’s more—much more. Take a look and see how much you can save.

Not A Dollar – Free from Us to You via the good people at Dover Books at: Flexible tags for gifts and other purposes.  Drag each one to your desktop and open.  Make them a small size and use them as tags on your gifts.  Make slightly larger sizes to use as name cards for who will sit where at your Holiday table.  Use them as stationary or whatever else your imagination desires.


Get your own free samples and take what you want from the weekly offerings.  It’s Free and Royalty-free.  Save them in a folder for future use.  Go to the site above and down at the bottom of the page click on FREE SAMPLES and sign up.  (Thank you Dover Books!)

Contributed by The Thrifty Maiden

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