Bob LeFish are You Back to Stay? Or Will You Swim Away, Again!?

Howdy Humans!  Bob LeFish here!  Finally, after a long period of solitary swimming!

OK, OK, I know what you’re sayin,’ Bob LeFish WTF (What The Fish?)  That’s kinda what Hal has been sayin’, Bob, WTF is going on?  Are you ever going to write anything again!?  Well we moved and I went on a fish strike!  And now I have decided to return to my typewriter and Mac, so I can get everyone caught up on what is important in the fish world!

I, Bob LeFish, gotta say that I am disappointed in Hal! I wanted to play guitar and start a band with my buddy Mike.  But no, Hal would not let me take guitar lessons!  And now Hal is taking lessons!  He will never be able to sing as well as I can, maybe Hal could back Mike and I up with his guitar playing on some new songs which I have been writing.

In the mean time I will be writing and doing video, since, everyone is wondering what the deal is!  Bob LeFish is back America, Bob LeFish is back world!

Anyhow, hope to see you on FaceBook, be good and remember that fish are not food!  Have a steak or some chicken instead!

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Remember fish are not food!  Have a steak or some chicken instead!

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