NO Happy Holiday for Temple Football: Owls Snubbed in Bowl Selection

Despite an 8-4 record and wins over BCS bound UCONN and Bowl bound Army, Temple will not be playing in a second consecutive Bowl game this year.  And frankly, it’s a joke!

I pulled up the Bowl schedule on Monday to see where my Owls were headed.  I had to look over the schedule twice to notice that the Temple “T” was nowhere to be found.  I then went on their website and nothing there.  I then googled “MAC football” to get to the bottom on it and there was the headline about Temple missing out on a bowl appearance… Are you kidding me?!

The part that makes it even tougher to swallow is that there were (13) teams with a 6-6 record invited to Bowl games!  And, I’m guessing none of those (13) duds had a win over a BCS bound school!  Along with UCONN, Temple also played Penn St., Army, and local rival Villanova in non-conference games.  They finished with a 3-1 record versus those 4 schools and had a 5-3 record in MAC Conference games.  That makes for a winning record across the board (overall, non-conference, conference)!

It really is a shame for a football program that has worked so hard to become respectable.  Last year, Temple played in their first Bowl in 30 years and had their first winning season in about 20 years.  When Temple started 8-2, it looked like another Bowl appearance was inevitable.  But it’s not to be.

Despite the Bowl snub and disrespect, couldn’t be prouder of this group of Temple seniors.  And to my fellow Temple Alum, TUMF!!!

Temple Logo courtesy of Temple U website


Tom Glatz, Bucks County, PA

I’ve lived in the Greater Philadelphia Region my entire life and have been watching/following sports since I was 5 years old!  I have grown to love all that is Philly sports – Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Big 5, Army-Navy, etc.  I love talking/chatting sports with those who like or hate the Philly teams.  I tell it like it is, whether in favor of our Phillies or in favor of those DAMN YANKEES!  😀

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