The Wonderful Holiday Gift of Music From The Grateful Dead!

The Grateful Dead always let people tape all their shows and share the music with everyone else for free.  The Grateful Dead also recorded all their music and have it stored in “The Vault” for release and posterity.

The other day a friend of ours sent us a link to The Grateful Dead’s site which had what our friend described as a “Dream Set.”  Here is a free set of MP3 downloads of 30 songs!  They are very sweet recordings which are from their 30 plus years of playing!

Go get the music and enjoy the generous beautiful sound of Jerry, Phil, Bob, Pigpen, Keith, Donna, Brett, Vince, Bill and Micky!

And, Happy Holiday to you from this “Band Beyond Description!”

Here is the link to the “Dream Set!”

I once roadied for Jerry find my story about it here.

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