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One year done and another begun! And this gift of life continues at a rate of a day at a time!  Life is good and it is filled with ups and downs.  We all have them even though when we are in the middle of a down turn we feel we are the only one who has ever experienced this problem or pain.  2010 was a better year for me than 2009.  It had its challenges but it also had some very special opportunities, for which I am grateful.

In September of 2010 had its first birthday! One year old and growing stronger and larger everyday.  We have more and more fans who like us on Facebook, and many fans who are not on Facebook have registered with the site and are visiting us often.  We are gaining traffic and making new friends everyday.  We have new writers, a movie critic, a music critic, a sports junkie all writing new columns.  Several chefs, nutritionists and psychotherapists are continuing to contributie to our physical and mental health.  Bob LeFish has been absent for a while but is threatening to return soon! So things are happening thanks to all our contributors and fans.  We have started a Newsletter and are publishing it quarterly, for now.

We have received some donations through PayPal by folks who have used the donate button on the left of the page, thank you all!  We have also received some purchases through at Amazon! Anytime someone buys something at Amazon and they were sent there from our site we get a small commission!  If you buy stuff at Amazon it would help us do this site if you went through us!  You get the same prices and services from Amazon and we get helped in the process.

So, I want to thank you all for your visits to our site and hope you enjoy what we are doing!

We are going to keep doing it!

If you would like to contribute with your tips, suggestions, photos and/or articles to the site, we would be delighted!  Click here for some details on how to go about doing that!

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