Miss Rachel’s Pantry: Happy New Year! New Year, New Deal!

Hi everybody!

From now through January, customers can enjoy a buy one get one half off deal! Purchase an individual meal or casserole and get another of equal or lesser value for 50% off. Take advantage of the special multiple times! For example, if you get four meals or casseroles, two of them will be half off. If you get six, three of them will be half off. And so on. Plus, you can order as many times as you’d like.

So, to kick off 2011 right, I’ve created a brand spankin’ new menu and a pretty sweet deal to go along with it.

Some of my favorite new items include:

• Salt-roasted beet napoleon with lemon-pepper cashew creme and agave-seared kale, with heirloom red quinoa and rosemary-basil pesto

• Baked manicotti with thyme and garlic tofu ricotta, marinara, vegan cheese and mini tempeh-seitan meatballs

• Sage and red wine basted seitan with shitake-button mushroom gravy, roasted sweet potatoes, brussels and parsnips

Many of the new options are gluten-free, and all feature healthy ingredients like whole grains and fresh veggies to support your new year’s resolutions! Check out the new menu at www.missrachelspantry.com

Here’s to a great year!

To order click here: http://missrachelspantry.com/Order_Meals.html

This offer is valid with a cash or check payment only. PayPal will not be accepted.

Order now for delivery starting next week!


Miss Rachel’s Pantry is a vegan personal chef, meal delivery, and catering company in Philadelphia, Pa, making real-deal homestyle food.  To contact her for more information, her blog is:www.missrachelspantry.blogspot.com and her website is: www.missrachelspantry.com

Editors note: We at friendlysuggestions.com are delighted to have Miss Rachel’s Pantry provide these recipes and reviews for all of us!  If you can’t make them yourself, do yourselves a favor, those of you in the Philly area, call her to make something for you, and/or have her provide some healthy food for your next party or event.

There are plenty of recipes from Miss Rachel’s Pantry at her site, but if you need or want more, check the link below!

For more Vegan Recipes check out these cookbooks at Amazon!

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