has been Resurrected & is Waiting for YOU!

I am pleased to announce that I have been working on and developing my new website –! Originally I had this site prior to and now I have re-launched it with new material and a specific focus on techie stuff.  Some of the material has appeared hereat on, but both sites will compliment each other.  You should check both out!, as it says focuses on my experiences with Macintosh Computers and many related topics and issues.  I love the Mac and have used and supported them professionally since 1987.   On you will find historic and fun information.  Tips, tricks and suggestions covering all aspects of Mac computing.  I share my personal and professional expertise with you.  I have others writing as well who are Mac addicts and fans like myself.  Together we all can enjoy the complete Apple experience, including iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktop models, software, peripherals and much more.  I even include some stuff about PCs and how they fit into the computer puzzle with Mac.

I encourage you all to join in and share your experiences with the Mac and it’s software.  If you have things that you do that make your life easier, let us know about it.  Have you discovered something neat that you want to share, here’s your opportunity.  Nobody can know everything!  I learn knew stuff everyday from all the people I meet and talk to.

So enjoy and let your friends know!  Thanks and “think different!”

To contribute or get in touch with me about, my email address is!  Let’s have a great time with our Macs and each other!

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