Ready, Set, Snow! Here’s friendlysuggestions for All!

The snow around the nation is falling a lot these days!  While on the ground the depth of the snow is on the rise!  It has reached disturbing levels! Many of us, who shouldn’t be shoveling are forced to shovel, causing back pain and other health problems!  In a couple words, “it sucks!” But, it, “the snow” has to be dealt with!  And here is a good friendly suggestion to make you and your neighbors lives easier, better and safer –  when dealing with the snow!

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A number of years ago, I was living in a great neighborhood with great neighbors! People make or break a neighborhood!  And we all were super together!  One neighbor, Fred, was in the Army and heading to Iraq!  One day Fred on the way to Home Depot saw a snow blower on sale.  It was in the summer and though that it would be nice to have for the winter.  Since he was going away, he didn’t want his wife using it and he didn’t want her shoveling either.  So, he thought about it and then asked me if I would like to go in on it, he also asked the neighbor on the other side of his place.  We both said yes!  I asked the next house down the line and Ted liked the idea too!  So four of us chipped in under two hundred dollar each and we got the snow blower!

When it snowed after that we all got out there and shoveled what we could not do with the snow blower!  We had fun and community doing it! It was a real time saver, the snow blower made simple the task of clearing driveways!  So little actual shoveling needed to be done, that all of our backs appreciated it.  While Fred was in Iraq, Ted and I took care of he and his wife’s place.  We did not have any elderly or handicapped neighbors, but if we did we would have gladly cleared driveways and sidewalks for them because it would have been easy and the right thing to do!

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So the friendlysuggestion here is to get some of your neighbors together and work as a team to clear snow with a community snow blower.  It will improve everybody’s outlook and life, while building stronger friendships!  It did for us.  You can get more done with more people and a machine that can do much of the work for you!  Enjoy and be well!

A word of caution: Read all the documentation about operating the snow blower.  It is an amazing machine but it can be dangerous!  People have been severely injured by doing things they should have no been doing.  Don’t take risks!  So read the manual and be careful and you will be safe and grateful for this equipment!

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