This Super Bowl as Our Philadelphia Sports Junkie Sees It!


2 of the Winningest Franchises to meet Sunday…GO PACK GO!

A lot of sports fans don’t know that the Green Bay Packers have won more NFL Titles then any NFL franchise, hence the nickname “Title Town”.  Many think that distinction goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who HAVE won more Super Bowls (6) then any other franchise.  People forget that Football was played and Titles were won prior to 1967.

In any event, being from Eastern Pennsylvania, I can’t help but be extremely envious of the team from the Western side of the State’s success, while the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t won a NFL Championship since 1960!  Ironically, handing legendary Green Bay Packers Coach, Vince Lombardi, his only Postseason lose.  As a result of Pittsburgh’s success, I can’t help but hate the Steelers AND their fans!  What makes me sicker is when those in the National Media claim that the Steelers have such great, die-hard fans!  It’s easy to be a die-hard fan of a team that grew their fanbase tenfold while winning 4 Championships in the 70’s and remained a contender for most of the 90’s & 00’s after a few down years in the 80’s.  To me, die-hard fans sit in Philadelphia & Cleveland.  Despite the Championship droughts of both franchises, fans have continued to support the team and fill the Stadium.

Okay, enough of my rant. Bitterness aside, this Sunday’s matchup is expected to be a great one.  Both teams have the high-profile Quarterback and a tremendous defense.  They also both have a tremendous following, which should make for an electrifying scene at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

Enjoy the game and GO PACK GO!


Tom Glatz, Bucks County, PA

I’ve lived in the Greater Philadelphia Region my entire life and have been watching/following sports since I was 5 years old!  I have grown to love all that is Philly sports – Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Big 5, Army-Navy, etc.  I love talking/chatting sports with those who like or hate the Philly teams.  I tell it like it is, whether in favor of our Phillies or in favor of those DAMN YANKEES!  😀

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