A Simple Solution to Smelly Sneakers

Yesterday I spent a lot of hours on my feet. I guess my feet were perspiring and I had an unusual amount of foot odor when I took my sneakers off.  My sneakers, my feet and my socks smelled really badly.  I was alone and even embarrassed myself.  It reminded me of when I was teenager, yuck, my feet always smelled like that, back then!

I had to do something about this current foot odor problem. I can wash my feet and socks, and that would work.  But I didn’t feel like washing my sneakers.  So I decided to spray them with my deodorant.  The following day the sneakers had the deodorant smell and not the foot smell. Amazing, I sprayed the sneakers with Right Guard Sport deodorant.  If your sneakers smell I suggest you try spraying them with your deodorant, it work for me.  And, Right Guard Sport deodorant worked on the left sneaker, not only on the right sneaker as the deodorant name would imply!

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