America Should be Concerned about Jobs, Steve Jobs that is!

Almost everybody in the world knows who Steve Jobs is.  People say he’s the Apple guy right?  He’s the cofounder of Apple Computer, right?  He’s the guy from Pixar!  He’s the guy that invented the Mac right!

Well all these things are true and more! Steve and a handful of people under his leadership did create Apple Computer.  Apple Computer went along for a while and eventually they developed a computer we know as the Mac.  The Mac changed a lot of things including the world! The it gave computing a new type of approach based on a visual experience which all people could embrace and enjoy.  Apple computer and the Macintosh set the standard for the computers that we are running today.  Apple’s visual operating system led to Microsoft’s Windows.  Microsoft and Apple since, then have tried to out do one another, with their operating systems.  But the innovation in my opinion is predominantly done by a Apple Computer and the guidance of Steve Jobs.

This is why I am concerned, Steve Jobs has just taken another leave of absence for health reasons.  We all need and should say a prayer for this generous innovator.  In addition, to computing, Steve has directed the way we listen to music with the iPod, how we buy music at the Apple iTunes Store.  We can purchase movies and television shows from the iTunes Store as well, and watch them on all of our devices.  This includes the newest thing, the iPad which is a tablet, the bigger sister to the iPhone, in which we can add, read and read books to our library, read newspapers and magazines,  And, there are also thousands of applications for these devices.  These applications do many many things, everything from reading barcodes, to starting your car, two mimiking musical instruments, plus thousands of games and so, so, so, so much more.

Steve’s innovative mind has sparked innovation in millions of artists, designers, photographers, musicians, developers, entrepreneurs and many more.  Making and combining the creative process, with computer technology, easy and available to everyone.  So I say, let’s all say a prayer to help Steve Jobs get through these rough health issues.  And at the same time we should all say a big thank you to Steve Jobs, for all you have done and created for us all.  Please get well Steve, and get well soon!  And then you can show us what you have in store for us next!  Thanks again, brother and friend!

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the photo of Steve is off the internet, it was taken, I believe, at a Macworld Expo or Developers Conference

after his obituary appeared published somewhere

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