Our Smiley Lady: Ruth’s Pens in Cars

The Ball Point Epiphany

subtitle: Get a Life

Do ever search for a pen while you’re in the car and become frustrated that there never seems to be one, no matter how many times you’ve tucked one away?  Me, too.  All the time.  I finally wised up and had this light bulb moment:  Don’t put 1  pen in the car, put in 20. And don’t just throw them in the compartment of the door.  Put them in some kind of holder!  Lightening bolt idea!

Seems really simple, but simple is often the best.  So I got a pencil pouch, like the ones for holding do-dads in a binder.  Filled it with a bunch of pens.  I had no trouble finding pens on every surface and in every drawer of the house.  I stuck the pencil pouch in between the front seats and felt very pleased with myself.

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Here’s the point at which some smarty-caparty, thinking it’s absurd that I can get excited about something so trivial, says, “Ruth, get a life.”  My response, “This is my life.  Ain’t it great that the daily minutia can be exciting?!”  It’s not that I have time on my hands/have no life, au contraire I’m crazy busy all the time.  It’s that I choose to love the life I have.

Get a life?  This is my life.  I’m just enjoying it.

Smile. Be Happy.




We feature Ruth’s Smiley Blog here on FriendlySuggestions.com. I hope you’ll enjoy reading her friendly suggestions about choosing to live a happier life.  We also encourage you to learn more about her cause, gathering smilies to get funding to help children get the facial surgeries they need through Operation Smile!  Magical cause!  Please learn about it and support her efforts!

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