Here’s an iPhone Application for Everyone who Likes to Save Money

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When I watch TV these days I am accompanied by my iPhone.  I have an application (app) that can tell me what’s on TV, and my iPhone lets me watch whatever I want and doesn’t care what it is.  Lately, as I watch, I find myself checking things out on my iPhone during commercials.  I have gotten so distracted with the iPhon,e that I have not watched shows I have wanted to see. This is fine, because none of these shows were True Blood, but that’s another story.  The other night I found the best, most handy, money saving application for the iPhone that I have ever seen. A genius must have come up with this app, I hope who ever made this makes a bunch of money off it, because if you purchase it, it will save you lots of money.  I am talking unlimited amounts of savings.  I know, your thinking, here it comes, he is going to make fun of some dopey application, I’m am not, this is serious!

The application is RedLaser! I was looking around for a bar code reader to play with for fun and I found this.  It was only $ 1.99, and something fun to play with.  I didn’t read about it, I just saw it in the app store, I bought it, installed it, and fired it up.  So, now with RedLaser running, you hit a button in the window, and that activates your camera in the iPhone using RedLaser’s application.  Now you center the bar code in the guides and POW!: RedLaser records the barcode, determines what the item is and looks at sources all around the internet for the item displaying the pricing at found locations.  Listing the pricing from low to high.  If you like you can tap on the items in the list and RedLaser will bring you to sites where you can purchase the item, right there.


How about this, you are in a store, and you are looking at things you need.  Razor blades are expensive, everyone hates buying them, I needed some so, I grabbed them at a local pharmacy and shot the barcode with RedLaser.  In seconds it told me what they were and the best price I could get them for, I could have saved $ 7 buying them on line.  I did have some coupons, needed them immediately so I bought them anyway.  But, now, here is where it gets interesting.  Say, you need an air conditioner or other large item for your family room, you go to your local store and see the one you want, it has a barcode on the box, shoot the barcode with RedLaser, give it a couple seconds and WHALA!  Your information is there, on your iPhone, so you know if you would be getting a good deal on the item, helping you to decide if you should you purchase it.  Now, think about this, many stores match or beat other stores prices, show the clerk or manager the competitors price on your iPhone and ask them to match it, there may be limitations, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  You can save real money as your purchases add up over the weeks, months, and years.

So, this application is awesome, if you have an iPhone you need this application.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or make, everyone likes getting a good deal.  This application helps you find the best deal and gives you a tool to negotiate a better price for competitive shopping on larger items in major stores.

Highly recommended!

Be well!

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