Ruth, Our Smiley Lady: Smiley Love in the Kitchen

Loving toast. Loving life. Hope you are, too.

Up early and starving! Out to the kitchen to make toast with butter and lots of salt. That’s right. I’m not ashamed to say, “I love salt.” I also love sugar, fried foods, cold beer, cream in my coffee and lots of cheese on everything. You only live once so I’m enjoying every sensual tasty bite and gulp!

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I start to slice the bread and wait a minute, there’s the coolest bread Smiley yet, complete with bulbous nose. I toast it, butter it (a bit of better butter makes a better Smiley) and take its cute picture. 30 or 40 pictures later (gotta get the light just right),

I decide I’ll save him for the Smiley Museum.

I slice another piece to eat.  BINGO, another Smiley. I toast it, butter it and take its cute picture.
I also snap pictures of Smiley #2 with Smiley #1, the Happy Couple.

Saved #1 and sliced #2. Then, like I was living a charmed life, Smiley #3 is there in slice number 3. That’s like the perfecta, trifecta of Smiley Slicing! Makes me think 2011 is going to be a very good Smiley year! So I photographed the three of them together, and baby makes three.

Loving toast. Loving life.  Hope you are, too.


We feature Ruth’s Smiley Blog here on I hope you’ll enjoy reading her friendly suggestions about choosing to live a happier life.  We also encourage you to learn more about her cause, gathering smilies to get funding to help children get the facial surgeries they need through Operation Smile!  Magical cause!  Please learn about it and support her efforts!

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