Our Smiley Lady: Makes a List of Things that Make Her Happy! We all Should do This!

Giant List of Smiley, Joyful Things

I have a giant list of Smiley things taped to the wall in my office. I started it when I took the class Awakening Joy (http://www.awakeningjoy.info/). Discussing ways to be more joyful was a very pleasant way to spend one evening a week.

The first night we were told to spend 3 minutes writing down everything that made us happy. What fun! When the 3 minutes were over I was still writing away, just trying to get all the things down before I forgot one while writing another.

A lot of people struggled. Not me. I needed another 3 minutes or even 30 minutes (undercooked brownies, the hot car on a sunny day, 3 day weekends, math puzzles, singing, bubble bath, Scrabble, thick socks, NPR, the hammock). I needed more time, more paper.

Pausing to notice that something is pleasurable is the secret to being happier. But you have to decide to notice. It really is a decision! By labeling a thing or an activity as smiley/joyful, it becomes more so. Talk to yourself with the voice in your head. I do. As I sink in to the bath water I say, “I love hot water.” As I slip between the sheets I sing, “Bed, glorious bed. Soft, fluffy and flannel.” (to the tune of Food, Glorious Food from the musical Oliver). As I put down my empty glass I say, “Boy, do I love cold water.” I don’t do this once, I do it every time.

Making a giant list of happy things is really fun. When I got home I transferred mine onto butcher paper, added a dozen more things and hung it up. Every day or two I think of something else to add (Triple washed spinach, the smell of a cat’s tummy, gulping milk straight from the carton, sourdough toast, getting my back scratched, the Beatles, peanut butter, afternoon light…). Onto it I’ve taped fortune cookie fortunes and headlines & snippets from newspapers.

True, I was lucky to be born a glass-half-full-gal, even a my-cup-runneth-over-gal. But I still believe being happier can be an ongoing, conscious exercise/choice that is available to everyone, but only if you decide that it is.

Smile. Be Happy.




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