Trees! Wanna Keep Them? Go Easy on the Mulch!

These trees have way too much mulch going up leaning against the tree.  

Their bark will rot under the mulch and eventually kill the tree!

Spring is almost in the air, I saw some landscapers putting mulch around trees in a flower bed.  It tidied  the place up and pulled it together visually.  All the trees were completely surrounded by large piles of rich mulch.  The mulch rose about 6 to 8 inches above where the roots descended into the ground.  Many landscapers do this and it is becoming the norm.  People see it done this way, like the way it looks and they do it at home to their own trees.  But, I repeat, but, it is the wrong thing to do to a tree.  If you want a tree to keep living, that is.

This is what the base of the tree should look like, no mulch but healthy bark and roots!

Several years ago I had some trees that were sick. I called a tree man out to treat my trees for the parasite they had.  He noticed that my trees had mulch piled up high around them.  He asked me if I wanted a friendly suggestion.  I said sure, what is it?  He said to remove the mulch from around the bottom of the trees and let the natural bell of the roots go directly into the ground.  Remove the mulch from around the trees.  He said, what happens is the mulch gets wet against the bark of the tree and it begins to decompose and rot.  The bark will eventually separate from the tree, and the tree will eventually die.

So do yourself a favor and move the mulch from around your trees. They will live a long happy life the way they would have before this mulch fad became fashionable.  And, if you see trees surrounded by mulch at the base in your neighbor’s yard or in your places of business, suggested the powers that be that moving mulch away from the base of trees will save the trees lives!   And the trees will continue to be beautiful, provide shade and oxygen for years to come!


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