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This activity of blogging is really an interesting experience. My son and my brother suggested I do so to create the persona of the Smiley Lady. They felt that the website lacked the goofiness of its creator. I am goofy. I am often the manic, bouncing off the walls, Smiley Lady. But, yikes. Put that in writing?

I struggled, a lot, with the first entries. It felt awkward. I didn’t want to seem to be taking my self seriously or be preachy or didactic.

Not unlike when I’ve had exhibits of my photographs and struggled with my “Artist’s Statement.” I have always found them to be an insufferable read. My artist’s statement is pretty much: I took some pictures. I hope you like them and P.S.: I hope you buy one. They’re priced to cover my costs and nothing more. (I mean Good Golly Miss Molly they are after all photos and I can simply print another.)

So back on topic. Writing a blog as the Smiley Lady is, by definition, about the Smiley way of living. My outlook on life has brought me a happy life even though, like all of us, it has sometimes been a difficult life. Know that I really do try to be kind in word, thought and deed, to walk in the steps of Gandhi, to think What Would Jesus Do, to follow the Golden Rule, to talk kindly to myself with the voice in my head and to conduct my life so my behavior does not cause others unhappiness or me remorse.

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Wow, that sure sounds like I’m taking myself very seriously. Oh well. The real message is you ought to try this blogging thing. It’s kind of like keeping a Journal, but better because you have to organize your thoughts for the reader. I now carry a notebook with me and am scribbling down a dozen ideas a day. It’s fun. It’s making me happy.

Smile. Be Happy.


P.S.: A happy by product is that I’m sure to embarrass my children. When they were teenagers I did that by existing. Now that they’re adults it takes a little work. I’m enjoying the work.

We feature Ruth’s Smiley Blog here on I hope you’ll enjoy reading her friendly suggestions about choosing to live a happier life.  We also encourage you to learn more about her cause, gathering smilies to get funding to help children get the facial surgeries they need through Operation Smile!  Magical cause!  Please learn about it and support her efforts!

P.S.: Check out the new page on the Spontaneous Smiley webpage:

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