POR-15, Save Your Rusty Metal Items with This Amazing Paint, They Will As Good As New

Rust is nasty stuff! It destroys metal, discolors paint, ruins things, and basically sucks! It’s hard to get rid of, hard to paint, and, like a boomerang it generally comes back. Recently, I was given an old lawnmower, it was hardly ever used. A buddy of mine and I cleaned it up and got it running. But to my dismay, upon looking at the underside of the mower, there was a serious coating of rust. My buddy said, hit it with a wire brush and then paint it. I, like so many, hate painting, everything about painting, especially when it comes to dealing with rust. I thought to myself, that, I’ll just brush it and sand it a little, then I’ll give it a quick coat of Rustoleum. This probably would have been fine, but, I remembered this paint that I used a number of years ago, this paint was made to salvage metal with serious rust on it, it’s called POR- 15.

POR- 15 is a liquid that comes in a kit with a cleaner, a metal preparer and the POR- 15 itself, it also includes some gloves brushes and instructions.  When you are done treating and painting your rusty item, the rust is replaced with this amazing compound/POR-15 paint that bonds with the metal. You need to follow the instructions carefully, this is simplified for illustration, you rough up the rusted surfaces, clean it with a Marine clean, rinse, then clean it with a metal preparer, rinse, and then let it dry thoroughly. Once the area is dry, you are ready to put your first coat of POR- 15 paint on your rusted item. Now, let it dry until it’s completely dry. When dry, give it a second coat of the POR- 15. Your item will be like new, this paint bonds with the rust and restores the quality and integrity of the metal.

The example you see in the pictures are what I just did to this rusty lawnmower, which, I mentioned above. In the past I’ve used POR-15 on my trucks and cars. If you have something that’s metal and it’s rusting and you want to keep it, it’s worth taking the time and effort to apply POR- 15. They also have a wide variety of other restoring materials, check out their site here. While you can get this POR- 15 at some body shops and auto repair stores, I bought it directly from the manufacturer. When I was writing about it I checked Amazon, they had it POR-15 at Amazon, Amazon has everything these days!  (The kit was cheaper at Amazon, too!  Darn it!)  The super starter kit, I got, did the job on this mower and I got 2 coats of paint on all the rusty surfaces. I also painted a rusty spot on my neighbors car and on my car as well. I still had a little paint left over, so I took care of some rust on a on a piece of wrought iron furniture I have. So the paint and this kit went a long way for the $26 it cost me. That included shipping and it was here in 2 days.

So if you have something that is rusty and you want to save it, POR- 15 is a way to go!  This paint/process is perfect for lawn furniture, wrought iron and any metal that is corroded and you want to save!  POR-15 will make it new again, or close to it!
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