TerraPass: Something You Can Participate in To Help Save Earth

We all love the earth, it is our home, we live here, we work here, we play here and we better do what we can to keep the earth here!  We all use energy whether it’s driving, heating our homes, for our businesses or flying.  We burn mostly carbon-based fuels to do these things and these all have an impact on our world and its environment.  I used to drive a hundred miles a day commuting to Philadelphia, so I did some serious consideration about participating in the program featured here, TerraPass.

Since, we all contribute to global warming. Now you can do something about it – easily.  Join the tens of thousands who use TerraPass to balance out the global warming impact of their flying, driving and energy use.


Balance out your “carbon footprint” through TerraPass. By funding clean energy and efficiency projects, you can sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created by your (driving, flying, and energy use).

How it works:

The best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to use less energy. But air travel and driving can be one of the hardest activities to give up. When you have to fly or drive, consider balancing your travel by funding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere.

By purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass, individuals can balance out their carbon impact from driving, flying and home energy use. TerraPass funds four types of leading-edge projects: (1) clean energy such as wind; (2) biomass such as dairy farm methane digesters;  (3) Landfill gas capture which reduces the impact of our own waste and (4) coal methane capture which creates approximately 10% of US GHG emissions. Every TerraPass offset purchase is verified against industry leading standards by an independent third party.

To learn more, get involved and participate, here is a link to the site: http://www.terrapass.com/

This is a serious cause, currently TerraPass is running a “Love the Earth” campaign.  With every purchase of carbon offsets, TerraPass will contribute an additional 1,000 pounds of offsets to their portfolio of projects.

Please get involved with TerraPass and its projects through you participation!

Be well!


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