Hydration Heaven: Do You Think it’s Wrong to Love a Water Bottle?

Medical and healthcare professionals will tell you that it’s important to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Being fully hydrated is so important in so many ways – it helps you feel full, and can help prevent overeating; keeps your blood volume at an effective level; assists your kidneys in cleansing your blood; is good for your skin, your brain and all your tissues – the list goes on and on. It’s important in the winter when dry indoor air threatens to desiccate you – and it’s important in the summer when heat, sweating  and outdoor activity can dehydrate you.

The problem is — if you are like me — you literally FORGET to drink water. It doesn’t matter than I have a glass of water, tea, juice, etc. sitting right next to me. Somehow it never makes it to my mouth. Even though I work from my home, and have access to a fridge full of fluids, I still somehow fall short.  And since I live in the arid, high-desert region of New Mexico, this is not a good thing.

I’ve tried various techniques to trick myself into drinking an adequate amount of water which I’ve learned is an ounce for every inch of your height. So that means I should be drinking at least 63-64 ounces (or eight glasses) of non-diuretic fluids a day, which eliminates caffeinated teas, coffee and sodas.

I know I’m not alone. When I worked back east in Manhattan, our company went so far as to emblazon huge plastic liter mugs with the company logo and hand them out free to encourage all of us to hydrate. About a year ago, I switched from solid breakfasts of eggs or cereal to a smoothie, which ensures I start the day with SOME fluids. Still not enough. I have been known to go out on a hike with a paltry portion of water, only to suffer from heat exhaustion later in the day (and this is not a one-time event!).

I’ve amassed an impressive collection of stainless steel water bottles (got to care for the environment, after all), but they can be heavy, and you can’t see how much water is left inside. Plus, even with sport spouts, you still have to remove the top to get a good water flow. I purchased a 12 oz. stainless bottle (small enough for my purse) with a straw that I thought would solve the problem. Unfortunately, I tried drinking through the straw for the first time during a meditation portion of a Sunday church service, and was mortified to discover it makes a piercing, high-pitched whistling sound when you draw on the straw. So, not a good choice for public events.

Recently, I discovered the Intak (pronounced “intake”) water bottle, made by the Thermos folks. This 24-ounce BPA-free plastic bottle is hydration heaven. It’s calibrated on the side so you know how much you are drinking – and the clear plastic lets you see if it’s time to refill the bottle. It’s lightweight with a watertight lid that has three different closure devices – a hinged cap that seals the open water spout (it easily pours water into your mouth without having to suck a sports spout or clean a straw), a button that securely anchors the hinged cap and a metal clasp that adds an added measure of security – but you can operate it with one hand, so if you’re hanging onto the treadmill and want a sip of water, you’re golden! The top is removable, and the mouth is large enough to add ice. There’s a large, convenient adjustable carry loop on the back. And it’s dishwasher safe.

For those of us who don’t remember how many ounces of fluid we’ve had to drink (did I drink 4 glasses or 5, or maybe it was only 3?), there is a unique second ring around the removable top that is calibrated from 1-6 so you can mark how many bottles of water you’ve consumed daily. Since I purchased this bottle, I regularly drink 72 oz. of water a day – three full bottles.  Because it’s really kinda fun to move the little marker ring from 1! to 2! to 3!, each time I drain a bottle. Woo hoo!

Plus – and I just discovered this through personal experience – it apparently is unbreakable. Tonight at the gym I unintentionally dropped a mostly-full bottle onto a hard ceramic tile floor from a height of about four and a half feet. Unfazed, untouched, unaffected.

It comes in pretty purple and pink and manly blue and green colors and can be found at Walgreens and Target for about $10. You can even give it as a gift. Instead of an Easter basket this year, I gave my sweetie an Easter bottle (in blue), with some chocolate eggs and a card tucked inside! Get creative with those summertime birthdays and holidays!

So if you are looking for a water bottle to take to the gym, hiking, to church (it doesn’t make any noise!), or around town, check out the Thermos Intak bottle. Happy hydrating!


Lesley Goddin writes on a range of subjects from nutrition to spirituality. With over 30 years in journalism and public relations, she is currently editor of TileLetter and TileLetter Canada magazines. She is a past contributor to Guideposts, Low Carb Energy (now SheKnows Low Carb) and Walls, Windows and Floors magazines.

To contact Lesley, here is her address: godwil@aol.com

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