Black Bean Brownies; Healthy, Moist, and Delicious!


A while ago a friend of mine told me about making brownies with black beans.  I was skeptical and thought that the idea was gross.  But I am game for anything, generally, so I figured I would look around on the Internet and verify that it is doable and I would try it.  It is simple, you substitute a 15.5 ounce can of black beans for the milk, water, and eggs.  Cook it as suggested on the box and you would never know the beans are in the brownies. Here is proof that I did indeed make them, and yes they are realllllly good!

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Here’s how to make them:

A bowl, can of black beans, box of brownie mix, blender, stirring whisk, spoon and a strainer.

rinse the beans

Open the can of black beans (get the plain ones without any flavoring, if you got some with flavoring that would be gross, I have to draw the line somewhere)  Rinse the black beans off in the strainer and rinse the can out as well.  Once thoroughly rinsed use the spoon to put the black beans back in the can, I know it sounds dopey but trust me.  Once all the beans are back in the can top the can off with cold water.

mix beans and mix

Now, dump the can of black beans into the blender with the water and puree them so you have a liquid.

Mix the brownie mix and the black beans and water together thoroughly.

ready for the oven

Put the mixture in your prepared pan and bake according to the time on the box.

I add a few extra minutes to the time so they come out a little dryer.

Let them cool and cut them up and serve.  When you tell people that there are black beans in them they will not believe you and tell you that it is gross.  But the beans are in there and the brownies are great!  Healthy, low fat or fat free depending upon the brownie mix you select, and a great source of fiber.

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