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An occasional series of  short Suggestions for Preparing for the Holiday

There’s a place in Los Angeles that makes chocolates.  A friend of mine sent me two different boxes one year (he was extravagant and I was skinny).  I received a 3-pound assortment and a one-pound box of key lime butter cream.  My mouth waters now when I think about them.

They have 102 different varieties: Think Kona Mocha coffee & chocolate with buttercream and toasted coconut (#68) Key lime Truffle Rich & Buttercream with Key Lime (#50), Blueberry Truffle Rich buttercream with blueberries (#59), Milk Bordeaux with Brown sugar Buttercream (#8) Rum Nougat with English Walnuts, rum, cherries, raisin nougat (#35).  Well, you are just going to have to look for yourself.

A $9.50 poinsettia box makes a beautiful gift.  And I have never ever met a person who didn’t woo and aww over them.

The website lets you shop by price and offers some Kosher and sugar-free items, as well.

CUSTOM MIX leads you to the page with the 102 varieties. You can choose from a 1-pound box starting at $19.10.


Or go directly to the custom mix!


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  1. April 28, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    My boyfriend has a cold so I’m making him my grandmother’s chicken lemon rice soup recipe. It usually turns out pretty good, but this time its really bland. I can’t run out to the store and I have to take it to him shortly, what should I add? I have some Tumeric, would that do? Luckily he can’t really taste right now anyway, but I still want it to be good..

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