This Sunday, At Kung Fu Necktie: Three Bands on a Single Billing, Including The Thirteen!?

Hey Guys,

If yer getting this you probably showed some interest in the Pete Donnelly house concert Marilyn and I hosted a few weeks ago.  I am writing again to let you know about another great show coming up – Pete and his band are going to be playing Kung Fu Necktie on Sunday, July 10th.  Also on the bill will be my band, The Thirteen and the always excellent Doomed to Obscurity.  Pete produced records by both us and DTO back in ’08 so this is a little reunion of sorts.

Doors open at 8, set times are 8:30 (Pete), 9:20 (Thirteen) and 10:10 (DTO).  Cover is $7 and this time no kids, for real.

We really hope you can make it.  If you’re on Facebook you can check out the invite here.

Cheers –



Sal Cannestra is a New York City native who relocated to Philadelphia in 2006.  He has been writing about rock’n’roll music since 1984 for various publications.  He also plays in the bands The Gerunds ( and The Thirteen (

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