Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Asking For Help

Coffee Grinder Smiley, seen through a window.

When do we ask for help?  If you’re like most people, you only ask once you’ve considered all other options.  And, then in choosing whom to ask, you once again consider all options.  You’ve thought through all the scenarios and all the pros and cons before you reach out and ask for help.

That’s why, when someone asks me for help I try to say, “Yes.” And then, unless I am asked for advice, I bite my tongue regarding alternatives and what ifs. I take it for granted that if they’ve gotten to the point of requesting help, they have already considered and rejected any idea I might come up with.  After all they have more of the facts, know the cast of characters and understand the nuances of the challenge in ways only they can know.

Being a person who will say yes and then not judge or attempt to take over, is a wonderful gift you can give to your friends.

Smile. Be happy.


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