Labor Day! A Day Off, for Many!

Happy, Labor Day!

This federal holiday was originally based on a number of deaths of union workers, at the hands of the US military, during a strike of organized labor.  First observed September 5, 1882 – President Grover Cleveland reconciled with the labor movement by creating this holiday celebrating the American worker and organized labor.

Now a days, we look at it as a day off!  Time for picnics, I’m going to one later today!  Maybe some great sales, on cars and furniture!  Maybe for some it means the end of summer and the start of work and school.  Maybe it means new TV series starting!  Maybe it means the end of your vacation!  Maybe it means hurricane season has begun.

BUT, Maybe it should mean a time when we can come together as a nation and get some jobs going for the unemployed American people and their families!  Everyone in the political arena is trying, in fact in some cases they are very trying!

Let’s give everyone a break and get behind common sense and work together and give each other the opportunities to work together to get in agreement as a country!  Many have died for these principles, let’s not continue to let them down with our divided stubbornness!

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Be well and have a great Labor Day!


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