Mike’s Honest Real Estate Tips: Current Statistics on Homes Show?

Central Bucks School District Housing Market Statistics…just for the fun of it.

I research market statistics for clients when they are purchasing or selling properties to identify past and current market trends to foresee future market trends. This helps my clients strategically position their offers or list prices to compete within the market place. Below are some stats I did for Central Bucks School District. Listed are average sale prices within the school district for the time period of July 15 to August 15 going back to 2003.

Year Average Sale Price
2011 $396,180
2010 $413,359
2009 $401,718
2008 $419,098
2007 $433,440
2006 $448,226
2005 $433,556
2004 $389,517
2003 $332,537

Ahhh 2004. The Olympic games were in Athens. Evidence of water was found on Mars. Ronald Regan died at the age of 93. The Red Sox won the World Series for the first time since 1918 breaking the curse of the Bambino. Hopefully 2004 was a good year for you because if you’re trying to sell your house, you’re likely to get the same amount you would have in this glorious year.

Determining market statistics is one of my favorite parts of my career. If you’d like stats on your market place or neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact me for this free service. It’s what I do.


Michael Cosdon is a real estate agent who helps people, like us, find and sell homes with precision, sensitivity, and respect. The real estate market crashed in September 2007. Michael was licensed in October 2007. Nobody has more experience selling houses in this market than he.  With his approach and personal attention to the three ideals of precision, sensitivity, and respect he has successfully helped hundreds of people with real estate transactions and advice in this economic market.  He as offered to give us his professional advice, suggestions, and tips, here at friendlysuggestions.com!  For more information about real estate please contact Michael via phone, email, or visit his website at:

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The image of Babe Ruth is from egotvonline.com

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