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Hello everybody, Hal here from friendlysuggestions.com and on September 23, 2011 we reached our second anniversary.  It’s hard to believe, I guess time flies when you’re having fun.  As far as we are concerned the fun is going to continue.  More topics, suggestions, tips, writers, ideas and even some new surprises.  What I wanted to do here was review our progress over the last year.  So here goes!

Good things: we were lucky enough to get several new contributors, experts in their fields, and wanting to share their ideas with us.  We have Mike Cosdon, an honest, hard-working realtor sharing home buying and home selling trends with all of us.  Sal Cannestra, a busy musician, periodically reviewing bands as well as CDs and live shows all around the area.  Ruth Kaiser, of spontaneoussmiley.com, contributes her amazing blog entries every Tuesday, be sure to check those out!  Piers Marchant breaks a leg each week, providing us with his reviews of theatre on newly released film!  Of course, we still have Dr. Lazarus, and excerpts from his books, hopefully improving our mental health!  New writers, Elizabeth Nathans and Beth are teasing me saying they are going to do some book reviews.  And so much more!  The only one who isn’t doing anything is that lazy betta fish Bob LeFish – I’ll see what we can do about that!

We have had some surprises!  We actually got hacked!  Yeah, you heard me right, hacked!  I went to friendlysuggestions.com one evening, and to my surprise, there was a bunch of ones and zeros on a black screen along with some hateful propaganda.  (click black screen, at right,  to enlarge)  This was fixed fairly quickly but the next day it was hacked again!  There was a virus which a hacker put on the server, once it was removed, the site was restored and we were back in business!  I lost three we weeks work thanks to that hacking, not to mention how upset I was that it happened.  I’m looking at this experience now, as a rite of passage, your site is nothing until it’s been hacked!  But, once is enough!

Most stories and posts are written by friendly contributors to the site.  I rarely, upon occasion, will approach a publication requesting usage of a story.  I did this recently with a local newspaper I wanted to use a story about a friend who is a painter.  I got permission from the paper’s editor to use the story, I got the story ready to go, I notified the author about setting up byline for her and I guess I was too friendly, because the next thing I knew the story was pulled.  One of the few times being nice has back fired!   Another first at friendlysuggestions.com, and hopefully a last!

I want to thank those of you who have supported us via your photography, your writing, your visits to the site, telling people about us, participating in our contests, wearing friendlysuggestions.com gear, replying to individual stories, buying things at Amazon through our links, special thanks for the direct, generous contributions through our PayPal button and being our loyal fans and friends.  We are always open to everyone’s involvement with friendly suggestions.com!  Let’s continue to help each other and the rest of the world by sharing our suggestions and ideas on all topics!

Be well, and thank you for your time!


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