Smiley Blog: Put on a Happy Face

Put on a Happy Face

When you’re having a rough morning, with one thing after another not going right, does it help things to grouse about it? I think putting on a happy face is a better strategy for getting through trying events.

I decide to be my regular self, not some irritated, exasperated, grump. I smile and laugh and look for the silly in situations. Nobody needs to know I stubbed my toe, spilled my coffee, forgot my dentist appointment, left my sunglasses who knows where, missed an important call, had my parking place stolen and been yelled at by the next door neighbor.

I suppose you could tell somebody, but their sympathy isn’t going to change anything. And in the telling of our troubles we are often unkind in what we say as we paint a picture of ourselves as victim and others as perpetrators. And in the telling, and re-telling, aren’t you likely to get worked up all over again? It was icky the first time around; don’t replay it.

I say, when life trips you up, walk with a spring in your step (even with the stubbed toe) and a sparkle in your eye (ok you’re squinting with out your sunglasses, but try to sparkle) and a smile on your lips. A smile is always available.

Smile. Be happy.

(Or at least fake it. You usually end up fooling yourself.)



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