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Here’s to this being the only middle finger you see while driving. Middle Finger adopts a more positive outlook Smiley

Yielding is not a weakness; it’s a kindness.

Every day you are presented with choices regarding who gets something that’s better, you or the other guy?  What if every time you could, you let it be the other guy?  Specifically, let it be the other guy when you’re driving.

Let the other guy have the parking space you were waiting. Yield at the 4 way stop even if you did get there a fraction of a second before the other guy. Slow to let side traffic make a turn onto a busy street. Let the other guy make a left turn in front of you. Or patiently wait behind the guy turning left instead of scooting around them by driving on the shoulder.

And on the freeway, let the other guy pull in front of you. I’m always taken aback when the person in the lane next to me actually speeds up as soon as they see I’ve put on my blinker. Do they think they score extra points for successfully defending their lane.

My observation is that drivers have been steadily becoming more assertive about their driving as if they are in a competition. It often doesn’t even seem to be about being selfish or rude or in a hurry. It’s more like they have a video game mentality; being the top scorer in the game is of the utmost importance.

In life (and driving) points are not given for shaving seconds off tasks, when it is achieved by blocking others’ attempts to progress or by refusing to yield. What if every time you could you let the other guy “win,” you did? There’d be a lot more kindness and a lot less frustration. Yielding is not a weakness; it’s a kindness.

Smile. Be happy. Yield.


Psst, here’s a secret: the driver that zips in and out, cutting people off and raising everyone’s blood pressure, does it for naught. That aggressive “point seeking” car is still just about where they would have been had they been relaxed. Also true in life, that aggressive “point seeking” person doesn’t really get ahead.


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