Here’s Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Say, “Yes!” to the Cookie!

Say, “Yes.” to the cookie. 

We recently went out to dinner with friends. One friend said, “No thank you.” when it came to dessert. She said the way she stayed thin, was to never eat sweets. I was really struck with this idea. Never? Never, ever?

I’m not advocating eating junk and not caring about your health. However, I do advocate giving yourself the gift of something yummy every now and then. And if you really do limit it to only occasionally, then when you do indulge it seems like such a luxury, like such a gift.

Growing up we never (and I really do mean never, as in to this day I bet my mom still never has) had potato chips at our house. When I was served potato chips at someone else’s house I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven. I ate each chip slowly,  enjoying every salty, crunchy, greasy bite.

I’d see other kids in the school lunchroom and be amazed that they had potato chips in their lunch bag every day, and they did even seem to notice or enjoy them. Too much of a good thing and it looses its value. If it were your birthday everyday would it be much fun?

Here’s to being careful about what we eat as a way of being kind to our bodies. But here’s also to indulging every now and then, and in so doing being kind to our inner self. Occasionally, it’s OK to say “Yes.” to the cookie.

Smile. Be happy. Order a dessert and then go for a walk!


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