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Taking a rest is not a crime, not a sin either. I’m just saying. 

Taking a rest is not a crime, not a sin either. I’m just saying. Everybody needs to lighten up about being critical of how others handle their TO DO list. Actually, everybody needs to lighten up about everything.

Today I am going to attempt to lighten up with my own TO DO list. It’s so crazy long as to be overwhelming . . . but only if I let it, only if I interpret it that way.

The truth is all the things that I don’t get to today, will still be there tomorrow, will either become more or less pressing, and not one on the items’ being left undone will matter one hoot when I look back on today from the perspective of time. In a month will I remember today and all I did not accomplish? Even from the perspective of a week or a few days?

Smile. Be happy.


Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest. – Ashleigh Brilliant

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