Friend’s Family New Years Traditions

Hal Janssen – Anyone have any strange traditions that you practice on New Years Eve or New Years Day? It’s time to share them and come clean! Thanks for contributing these with us all! I think! Be well!


Laurie M. – One of Mom’s that I still practice to this day: Put a dollar outside your threshhold before midnight (under the mat or potted plant maybe). Bring it in again after midnight. This will assure that you will never be without money all year. Doesn’t mean you get rich, but you’ll never be without. It’s worked so far. Thanks Mom.

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Jim D. –  In the past several years Georgia and I have started a tradition of falling asleep before midnight. I usually wake up from the fireworks and noise, realize it’s a new year and go back to sleep. Happy New Year, a bit early.

Alan B. – Hope to make it to 12 and open a bottle of sparkling grape juice. This way Charlie now 11 can share. Have a Happy & Healthy!

Allison H.D. –  We have a tradition of having a huge Brunch with family and friends on New Year’s Day. I started this tradition when I was single and still living in Hillsdale and it carried on to married life and now my grown kids love it so much that I cannot stop (nor do I want to) stop the tradition.

Diane F.L. – Didn’t the first person in the Yogi’s house New Year’s Day have to be a male–for good luck??

Kathy B. – I have the same tradition as Jim… 🙂

Blaine G. – Your question has me thinking of a tradition I’ll start this year . . . to find more strange things online, such as this list of 10 strange traditions throughout the world . . . For 10 Strange But True New Year’s Traditions? click, here!

Anonymous – At midnight New Year’s Eve eat 12 grapes in 1 minute for good luck in the coming year. The 12 grapes represent the 12 months of the year

Hal Janssen – Yeah, all good! I think Jim, Georgia and Kathy have the right idea, sweet dreams! As long as you remember to put a dollar under your mat the night before and you bring it in before you go to brunch with you family! And like Diane said make sure the first person to enter your house in the new year is male. I believe you are right, Diane, the Yogis did that! I wish a happy, healthy New Year to you all. Do a good deed daily in 2017, it is our job to make our world a better, friendlier world! Be well!?

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This is from a thread on FaceBook!  I want to thank my friends for sharing their ideas and traditions!

If you have any other traditions please add them in the comments area, below!  Happy, healthy New Year!

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