Bob LeFish

Bob LeFish is a superb writer, photographer, editor, and singer!

We at friendlysuggestions are lucky to have him on board with us!

From his early days in the rice paddies of Thailand, his family knew he was different.  He was destined for big things.  So he left Thailand. He swam his way to the ocean and then headed to the United States, filled with its land and waters of opportunity!  Bob immediately began developing his skills focusing on aquatic security.  He heard about this homeland security stuff and since he is a fish and cannot go on the land he studied Home Aquatic Tank Security, or HATS.

Bob has worked hard protecting some tanks in local fish stores.  After interviewing several other fish, Bob impressed Hal with his abilities to do security work, write, take pictures, edit, and sing: all at the same time.  He is a multi-tasker and handsome and debonair to boot!

Bob wanted to write his own bio here, but he would have gone overboard and made it sound like he was “Super Fish.” He has talent and he is cool and fits in with all of us at  At least we know that security is taken care of here thanks to Bob and his HATS training.

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