Hal Janssen

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Hal Janssen is a Macintosh Computer System Support  Specialist.  Providing assistance and advice for Mac users in the Bucks County and Philadelphia areas.  He is currently looking for a full time gig in a creative place where there are lots of people and Macs, in a multi-platform, PC and Mac environment.

Adrian Rodriguez and I have been buddies since we worked together at the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Systems Department, in mid 2000.  We both enjoy helping others with their computers.  He’s a PC guy and I’m a Mac guy.  We worked together making these machines work together in Philly.  More than that we are good friends who like helping people and we decided that was what we wanted to do here.  But, we did not want to limit it to computer help and suggestions.  So we are making more friends and lots of suggetions on many topics.  Please feel free to comment and add some of your suggestions to our site.  Thanks and . . .

Be well!

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To get in touch with Hal, email Hal@FriendlySuggestions.com